Our Story

Hello and welcome to Farmers Hall.

Together with our family and the “Farm Team” we are excited to host yours and many of our own special events again this season!

For nearly 80 years the United Farmers’ Community Hall, as it was known in its’ day, had been the heart of many local families’ special events.  For generations this lovely old building has hosted hundreds of weddings, socials, stag and showers, anniversaries and fund raising events just to name a few. 

Some 75 years ago, the hall was moved from its’ original site near the entrance to the old Air Force Base,to its current home. Darrell’s grandfather Nick Klym  provided the committee, of which he was a member, with a prominent corner of his farm field.  It was here, next door to the Klym farm that Darrell’s connection with this historic hall began.

While scouting around the family farm one fall afternoon, Darrell and I decided to peek into the windows of the then boarded up remnants of the defunct hall.  As we reminisced about the many functions we had attended there and the joy this building had brought to the community, we began to speculate about its potential for resurrection.  

In 2006, we successfully acquired this lovely old building from the remaining hall committee members, with their blessings to see it restored to its former glory.   Today, we are thrilled  to hear the sounds of music and celebration fill its walls again!

Welcome to the new and improved Farmers Hall!  We hope to continue to build happy memories with you.

Farmers Hall is located on Hwy 231, 2 miles west of Hwy 8 in the RM of Gimli, Manitoba.